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How To Improve Your Gaming Audio Experience

Image: iStock/PatriciaEnciso

Many serious gamers spend money on gaming machine, console, keyboard and mouse etc but do not really spend much attention or resource into audio section which is big part of immersive gaming experiences.

Then, what resources or tools do we need and how to improve gaming audio experiences?

1) Quality HeadSet

Headset is a crucial part of the gaming experience. It allows you to communicate with your team players and listen and speak to each other clearly.

Gaming Headsets became very popular for multiplayer games. There are many headsets available on the market place but sound quality differ depends on quality of headsets.

And, if you are serious about improving gaming audio then we highly recommend spending money on good quality headsets which will be great investment for a long run.

Here are number of choices for your consideration.


Best High-End Open-Back Headphones


Best High-End Open-Back Alternative

3. AKG K612 PRO

Best Soundstage Open-Back Headphones


Best Closed-Back Headphones

5. SONY WH-1000XM4

Best Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Closed Back Headphones


Best Budget Open-Back Headphones

Almost all of above headphones do not come with Microphone but it is easy to get 3rd party microphone and connect to the headphone and these headphone will beat almost all of Pro Gaming headphones in the marketplace and offer much better sonic quality.

2) Dedicated Sound Card or external Digital Audio Converter

One of the best ways to improve the sound quality on your gaming PC is by upgrading the sound card or invest in external Digital Audio Convert with Microphone input.

A dedicated sound card can make a considerable difference to sound quality. The best high-end headphones will require a suitable sound card for them to function at their highest levels.

If you are opting for external Digital Audio Converter with Mic then we personally recommend Schiit Fulla or Hel. Great little unit that can handle all of headphones listed above and they are made in USA.

3) Sound Software

The sound software that you use can also have a massive effect on sound quality. By default, most PCs will have "Realtek" installed. However, there are other types of software available that can finetune your audio experience for a better gaming experience. We recommend using DFX audio enhancer to improve the sound quality of your headsets. This sound software allows you to access options that are not available on the default software. Thereby, letting you increase the sound quality.

4) Headphone Maintenance

It is important to keep your headset clean and maintained. Physical damage to the headset or the ports can significantly reduce sound quality. Water damage can cause muffling. You should gently clean your headsets and earpieces every now and then. If you get water or excessive sweat into the device, it is important to remove them and give them time to dry properly. You should store your headsets carefully. Wear and tear can vastly diminish the sound quality of your headphones, and it is, therefore, essential to keep them in an optimum condition and the best way to keep them neat and store safely is having a dedicated headphone stand which will declutter your desk space and keep the headphone safe and ventilate it well for hygienic purpose, too.

There are many other factors to consider and improve upon but above 4 factors are crucial and you will hear vast improvement once above 4 things are checked and properly implemented.

We hope you enjoy reading this article and improve your gaming experience to next level.

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