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Based in Australia, Ion Forge is made up of a small team of people who share a love of all things gaming, listening to good music, and tinkering with audio hi-fi & gaming gear. 

Our vision is to design and craft products that are so simple yet stylish and functional to audio and gaming enthusiasts.

We do not want just to create beautiful things which does not add much value to users or are complex so frustrating to use.


It must be Simple, Stylish, and Functional to audio & gaming enthusiasts and help them to create and enjoy the best possible audio and gaming experiences. 
To pass our internal test, (1) the product must be assembled and used by a stranger without any instruction or manual, (2) our better half (girlfriend, partner, or wife) should agree that it is gorgeous, and (3) it must add awesome value to our core customers that other competitors' do not. 


We are very proud to offer AKER - Desktop Speaker Stands designed particularly for KEF LS50, LS50 Meta, LS50 Wireless, and HONE - Headphone Stand designed for premium Hi-End Headphones. These two Ion Forge main products will help you get more from your audio set-up whether you are an audiophile, into gaming, media production, a DJ or just enjoy listing to good music.


Like every start-up company, we have to learn and evolve. If you have feedback for us, general comments, or pictures of your prized audio set-up that you would like to share, you are our second best mates and we would like to hear from you! 

You can get in touch with us via email ( info at ionforgeonline dot com )

Thank you so much for visiting our site,

Team Ion Forge.

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