The Pro Series Desktop Speaker Stands are suited to mid-sized speakers used for home desktops and studios. The stands make it easy to correctly position your speakers at your seated ear level allowing sound waves originating from each speaker to travel unhindered directly to your ears.

See the How Does It Work? page for a step-by-step guide on how to set up your listening space using the Pro Series Desktop Speaker Stands.

Key Features

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Ion Forge
Quality Assured

We only create products that we would use on our own desks. This means only the best in materials, manufacturing processes and final fit & finish.

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Tilt Adjustable Top Plate

A 20° forward through to 20° backward tilt range allows you to set the optimum speaker face angle for each speaker in your set-up.

Easy Adjustment

Single L-wrench adjustment for both height and tilt settings.

Solid Steel And Aluminium Construction

Solid steel and aluminium precision-machined core components that are built to last.

Choice of Attractive Highlight Colours

Choose from a range of 5 different highlight colours. Alternate highlight coloured parts are also available separately for purchase to allow you to further customise your stands if you choose to.

Removable Vibration Damping Top Plate Mat

Dampens unwanted speaker to contact-surface vibrations. Removable to allow you to use a coupling interface of your choice.

Height Adjustable With Level Indicators

Height adjustable to allow you to set the mid-axis of each speaker in your near field listening set-up to your seated ear level.

Removable Speaker Cable Loop

Keeps cables neatly tethered to the neck assembly. Easily removable if not needed.

Specially Designed Vibration Damping Feet

Specially designed 60 durometer hardness silicone feet isolate stand to desktop vibrations and firmly plant the stand on your desk.

Durable Powder Coat Finish

More durable and robust versus a paint finish.