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Would it help using multiple pairs of speakers?

The simple answer would be NO.

We know that it is not so easy to find the sweet spot for a pair and having multiple pairs in the same small room or even on a desk creates a huge problem and makes it almost impossible to find the sweet spot for every other pair. And, it also interferes with each other.

If one has to use multiple pairs, then place them in very different positions so do not interfere with each other would be a way to go.

Then, why do people use multiple pairs?

There can be several reasons and we listed them as below;

Reason #1) One is unsure if my existing pair of his or her monitors provide accurate sound so test with other speakers.

Reason #2) Some say that specific pair of speakers are ideal for Hard-Rock genre and the other brand of monitors is ideal for Hip Hop etc. Hence, use various different brands of monitors for mixing and monitoring purposes.

If the speakers are ideal for a specific genre of music then they cannot be called studio monitor speakers because monitor speakers are meant to provide accurate reproduction of sound regardless of what genre of music is playing.

What if the music is hip hop but it also has Jazz Saxophone or trumpet part is in it, does it mean that need two separate pairs of speakers for the same track?

Yes, each brand has its own goal of achieving accurate sound reproduction and can have a different sound signature. For instance, a specific brand reproduces high-frequency clearer than others and the other speaker offers better resolution on mid-range, etc.

However, when the monitor is properly set up then the difference is negligible and no matter what brand it is, it should provide good balance on all frequencies and help the user or listener to pinpoint the error or area that needs to be corrected or improved upon.

Hence, it is better to focus on setting the speakers properly and achieve the honest reproduction that you are familiar with.

Unlike earphones or headphones, speakers offer sounds to the whole area so the room itself becomes an enclosure of the sound. Hence, it is much more critical to set up the space and focus on the sweet spot.

If so, what would be the first step towards setting the speakers when we get new speakers or trying to find the sweet spot for current ones?

Firstly, we highly recommend checking the manual that speaker or studio monitors come with.

The manufacturer spends a lot of effort to make sure that their speakers perform as intended at the user's place hence they provide all of the setting and positioning ideas and tips.

We found that many users threw them away or put them aside and never read them but should pay attention to them in order to make most of those valuable tools.

Once you read the manufacturer’s guide/manual, a good starting point to find the ideal sweet spot is putting them in an upside-down triangle position so both speakers and listeners are at equal distance at ear level.

Then, play your favorite well-familiar tracks while adjusting the distance between speakers as well as walls on the side and behind.

There will be a spot that provides the clearest mid and high and tight bass. It would be the sweet spot for the speakers.

If you do not trust your ear, there are many measuring microphones and software that can measure and provide frequency charts that will provide how sound performs from the position.

Continue checking various position that provides the most linear across whole frequencies.

Okay, if you do not trust your ear and do not want to invest in measuring microphones and software, then another alternative option can become from the manufacturer.

If you have bought speakers recently and are unsure about optimum setup, feel free to contact the manufacturer, and they are usually very helpful to answer any questions and provide suggestions on specific setting that you have.

We often found that some manufacturers go even extra miles and drew a diagram after getting core information about the shape, size, and conditions of the room, floor, and ceiling how to set up the speakers. Most tech support from manufacturers is eager to help users to make most of their monitors/speakers.

We hope this short article helps to make most of your monitors/speakers and achieve great outcomes out of them. Quality always counts more than quantity and use fewer pairs of speakers and make most of them would be a wiser choice than using multiple pairs.

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