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Some audiophiles be so pathetically combative

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An excessive number of male audiophiles seem destined for the same transformation – They assemble and adjust their systems not to find the awesome truths hidden in their records but to do battle with other men. They do this on a playing field defined by two things;

  1. Soundstage

  2. Bass

The man whose soundstage is more impressive-typically defined in terms of its detail, the wholeness of the images, and, most of all, its depth-is the winner. Similarly, extending and enlarging one’s bass range also play a role to compete and compare.

The real lose in these scenarios, daily played out in the listening room and at numberless audio shows, audio stores, and audio-society gatherings, is music itself.

We often see a number of posts from so called well-known audio veteran who state, without apparent irony, that it is his “duty” to educate audio enthusiasts in the foolishness of preferring LPs over CDs or hi-res music files, and to save them from spending money on expensive audio equipment. “Wire makes no difference,” he says: “It’s all about the speakers and the room.”

The question that would enter the minds of most smart, well-educated people is: Why should he care? If, a consumer, he’s satisfied with digital sources, class D based amplifier, and cheap black power cord, then he is a wise man to avoid buying anything else.

But how consumers should be “saved” from buying uber quality goods that they have either auditioned at length or purchased with a home-trial policy-things that currently seem to characterize most purchase of audio gear. It’s not as if these people are being asked to blindly spend a three or four figure amount on a bottle of connoisseur wine or whiskeys to which reviewers, they have never seen in public has awarded that happens every damn day.

Again, Why should anyone care?

Again, the answer is: They should not.

Then, why must some audiophiles be so pathetically combative?

It may be because the vast majority of audiophiles are men, some of whom behave badly, often out of that distinctly male combination of competitiveness, materialism, and pure lust of vintage audio gear, or because no one has spent the time and the care and the love to tell them how poorly some non-audiophile music lovers view them and, this audio hobby they pursue.

Instead of arguing who is right or wrong, better we should have stay home and practice musical instrument instead. More to the point, better stay home and listen, instead of demanding to be heard.

It is never too late to start.

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