How Does It Work?

We’ve created this page to show you how the Pro Series Desktop Speaker Stands work and can be used to correctly set-up your near field listening space. You will be surprised at just how much of a positive difference correct speaker placement can make to your listening experience.

Have a look at the step-by-step Audio Set-up Guide below to see how in a few simple steps you can…


go from this...
 Wasted Potential
  • Soundwaves directed to your armpits not your ears!
  • Reflected soundwaves bounce off your desk distorting audio image, clarity and tonal balance.
  • Sound source lower than on-screen in-game audio cues and sound stage.
  • Obstructed soundwaves.
to this!
 Desktop Audio Done Right!
  • Soundwaves travel unhindered directly to your ears!
  • Noticeable improvement to audio clarity, stereo image, tonal balance and sound stage.
  • Sound source level matches on-screen in-game audio cues and sound stage.
  • No desk-to-speaker contact resonance or reflected sound waves.

Audio Set-up Guide

(Download this guide as a PDF here)

Step one Setting The Correct Height

Adjust the height settings of your desktop speaker stands so that when you place your speakers on top of the stands the mid-axis between each speaker’s tweeter and woofer is set at your seated ear level.

You will immediately notice the difference to your listening experience by simply making this one improvement.

Step Two Set The Optimal Toe In

Place and then ‘toe in’ your desktop speaker stands and speakers so that they are arranged in an equilateral triangle relative to you as the listener.

A good guide to work with, is to place your speakers at arm’s length away, equidistant apart and toed inwards at 30 to 45 degrees.

Step Three Set Optimum Tilt To Suit Your Speakers

Experiment with the tilt settings of your desktop speaker stands and listen to what speaker tilt options sound the best to you. If your speakers sound slightly too harsh or aggressive the speakers’ tweeters are too close; tilt your speakers back to correct this.

If however your speakers sound slightly muffled the speakers’ woofers are too close; tilt your speakers forward to correct this.

Step Four Fine Tune Your Set-up

Experiment with further desktop speaker stand and speaker positioning options until you find a configuration that sounds the best to you.

If you feel the audio image is not deep enough, move your speakers further away from you. Alternatively if you feel the sound lacks weight, move your speakers closer toward you.

If you feel the audio image has a hole in the middle, move your speakers closer together; or alternatively further apart if the sound stage seems too narrow.

Step Five Correct Placement Of Speakers

Aim to set-up your desktop speaker stands and speakers so that they are placed well away from wall surfaces (at least 30 cm) and away from corners.

Placing your speakers too close to a rear wall or in a corner often results in sound waves bouncing off the rear or side walls before reaching your ears as secondary waves; this can degrade audio image and audio clarity.

Step Six Subwoofer Placement

For a 2.1 channel set-up, we suggest placing your subwoofer on the floor, in-line with and mid-way between your left and right channel speakers.

Note: The direction and source of low frequency sound waves (generally anything below 80 Hz) cannot be perceived by the human ear.

This means that depending on the cross-over frequency set on your subwoofer, the exact placement of your subwoofer in your near field listening set-up is not as critical as the placement of your forward facing left and right channel speakers.

Step Seven Balanced Multi-Channel Set-ups

For multi-channel set-ups ensure your forward facing left and right channel speakers and sub are set up per the previous steps outlined in this guide.

Then experiment with the placement of additional speakers to the side or behind your listening position until you achieve a balanced listening sweet spot.

Did you like this Audio Set-up Guide?

If so you can download a PDF copy of this guide by clicking here.

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